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4% for tickets up to €12.50
€0.50 for tickets above €12.50
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1% bank fee is already included in Ticketing costs, all prices are displayed without VAT.

Fair Offer for Promoters! We Will Charge You a Maximum of 50 Cents!

Effective January 24, 2018 all our promoters and organizers can benefit from a unique new offer! We have just published a new pricelist for ticket sales via our Tootoot Ticketing system. It is simple and fair. We will charge you a maximum of 50 cents, regardless of the ticket price. For tickets sold for €12.50 our commission is 4% of the ticket price. It’s as simple as that. Why?

It’s a very bold decision and let us tell you that making the final decision on the concept felt like the first bungee jump. We don’t consider our decision crazy, though. We believe that every event organizer – ticket seller will be on board with it.

As a ticketing service provider every client is important to us. We do not differentiate between an event for 20 or 1,500 people or tickets costing €5 or €50. Our services must be reliable, fast, and simple. All clients that have decided to work with us made the decision because of the variety of tools we offer including direct mail, audience analysis, statistics, and many more! These tools are equally available to all our clients, again, regardless of the final ticket price.

This is why the unified price per ticket sold that Tootoot Ticketing charges is completely logical and fair to the market.

We have set a maximum price that we charge per ticket sold at €0,50 + bank charges of 1% of the ticket price. In case the ticket price is €12,50 or less our commission is 4% of the ticket price + bank charges of 1% of the ticket price.

To give you some specific examples…

Tickets priced below €12.50:

An event organizer sells tickets to his event for €6. Tootoot charges a commission of €0.24 (which represents 4% of €6) per ticket sold and €0.06 bank charges. The overall charge per ticket sold is €0.30.

Tickets priced above €12.50:

For each ticket sold for €35 the organizer pays €0.50 for ticketing and €0.35 bank charges. The charge will overall amount to €0.85.

We look forward to new cooperation opportunities!

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